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Portion Control Cutting Board Templates. Eat The Foods You Love!

The WORLDS #1 portion control tool with over 2 MILLION SOLD! - PORTIONPALS Portion Control Discs! As seen on the cover of Women's World, USA Today, LA Times on Extra & more!


Healthy eating has never been easier. These translucent cutting-board discs indicate the correct portion size for meat, chicken, fish, side dishes, and desserts.

Each of the five silicone discs, which also double as a cutting boards, helps you cut the food you love in the correct sized portions. 

Here's how it works: Choose what you are about to eat, cut your food in the proper portion sizes. Done. 

Each disc is color-coded for easy visual accessibility (GREAT for teaching kids as well!)  and gives you a height restriction so that you're not stacking food too high and canceling out your healthy-eating intentions.

One of the keys to healthy eating is to simply not eat so much. These portionpal discs take any guesswork out of how big a proper portion really is. They come in 5 different versions covering breads, pastas & potatoes, meats, fish, chicken and even desserts. Each disc has a clearly marked shape you can use to measure and compare the amount of food you’re serving. They’re also dishwasher and microwave safe and can even be used as miniature cutting boards while you prepare your meal.

Why leave the measuring to Jenny Craig when it’s so much easier and cheaper to do it yourself and why oh why would you eat the same food on those diet plans when you can eat the foods you love!

-#1 Weight Loss Diet Tool
-All 5 in 1 set (Meat, Chicken, Fish, Sides, Dessert)
-Color Coded, Non Stick bottom & Easy to Use
-Microwavable & Dishwasher Safe
-Made of 100% Silicone


Remember. There is no such thing as a diet. It's portion control.